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July 12, 2018(Updated)

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July 25 , 2018(Updated)

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2018 4th International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering(ESSAEME 2018) will be held in Huhhot, China,on July 28-29, 2018. ESSAEME 2018 provides a forum for researchers and practitioners involved in different applications including economics, social science, arts, education, management, and others. ESSAEME 2018 is seeking original papers for presentation at this event. Researchers and participants from academia, industry, and government organizations are invited to submit papers , and the ESSAEME topics and applications include but are not limited to:


Topic 1: Social Science

Social Research
Social Network Analysis
Social Systems Dynamics
Socio-Cognitive-Technological Systems
Social Policy and Social Legislation
Political Science and Decision Making
Politics, Society, and International relations
Music and Art
Economics and Management
Education and Social Welfare
History and Literature
Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Media and Communications
Cognitive Science and the Behavioral Sciences
Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences


Topic 2: Economics and Commerce

Development economics
Global economics
International monetary economics
International finance
Managerial economics
Ecological economy
Urban economics
Resource economics
Environmental economics
Industrial economics
Agricultural economics
Tourism economics
International trade
Commercial enterprise management
Commercial psychology
Commodity science
Electronic commerce

Topic 3: Educational Theory

Theory and practice of education
Teaching theory education learning and application
Sociology of education
Distance education and distance teaching
Continuing education
English education
Network education and training
Higher education
Education management
Teaching reform
Practice teaching
Multimedia teaching
Lifelong education
Special education
Preschool education
Adult education
Enterprise education
Sport Pedagogy
Virtual school, virtual classroom
Electronic learning
Vocational education and related disciplines

Topic 4: Management Science and Engineering

Management theory
Management engineering
Strategic management
Management information system
Enterprise information system and electronic government
Research and development management
Project management
Information technology management
Knowledge management
Human resources development and management
Tourism management
Modern marketing management
Public management
Enterprise management
Regional economic management
Environmental and energy management
Decision analysis